Frequently Asked Questions.

How old is Jared Leto? 
Jared Leto is 46 years old. That is twice the life expectancy of a Canada goose. 

How can I lose weight? 
You can lose weight by urination, amputation, and eating an even number of calories on odd-numbered days. 

How do I boil an egg? 
You boil an egg by submerging it in boiling water. It does not matter how long the egg remains in the water. You have accomplished what you set out to do. 

What do you consider your greatest strength and weakness?
I can eat upwards of a cup of ketchup with a meal but sometimes I undermine my relationships by instigating arguments that aren’t rooted in reality. 

How many ounces in a pound? 

Are ladybugs good?
All ladybugs are trustworthy and of unquestionable moral rectitude. 

How can I get my crush to like me?
Bury their fingernail cuttings in grave dirt under a waxing moon. Also, wink at them slowly and frequently. 

What do blind people dream about?
Their dreams are prophecies, mostly. 

Do I look like my mother?
Your mother is, like, really hot. So no.